Imagine an engine that's 30 percent smaller than a traditional piston design of like output, and that runs smoothly, with less noise and vibration. Plus, it burns several types of fuel. That's the LiquidPiston X rotary engine, which was recently demonstrated powering a go-kart. The LiquidPiston rotary engine is a non-Wankel design that we've featured on Gizmag before. Back inthe company announced the engine's development. Now it's showing the new engine with a novel application to showcase its power-to-weight capabilities.

The LiquidPiston X Mini shown in the video at the bottom of the page has nearly 2 horsepower per pound 3. It's 30 percent smaller and lighter than the equivalent spark-ignited gasoline engine it replaces, and can be up to 75 percent smaller than a like-output diesel engine.

150cc rotary engine for sale

Even better, the engine's design means that it has no poppet valves and exhaust is balanced through over-expansion, removing the need for a muffler. The X rotary engine can be as much as 20 percent more fuel efficient than its gasoline counterpart and 50 percent more efficient than an equivalent diesel engine. The design, says the company, is scalable from 1 horsepower to over 1, The X Engine is designed as a unique rotary that has three combustion events per rotor revolution, explaining its high power density and balanced operation.

The engine is designed to be made with 2-dimensional manufacturing methods, making it simple to build. This also means that it can be easily modified by enthusiasts — something that LiquidPiston is expecting, having released a developer's kit for the X Mini.

One of the secrets in the X Engine's design is the unique rotary cycle. Unlike a Wankel rotary, which uses a triangular center rotor, the X Engine has an oval-shaped rotary which rotates in a cloverleaf-like core. This creates higher compression with better seals and exhaust pressure.

It also creates a larger expansion volume than compression volume, similar to the high-efficiency Atkinson Cycle engine used in hybrid vehicles.

rotary engine

In larger versions of the engine, LiquidPiston says, water can be injected into chambers after the exhaust cycle to cool the engine when under high loads. The engine being used in the video to power the go-kart is a four-stroke 70cc gasoline version that produces about 3. LiquidPiston expects to have the engine producing 5 hp 3. Source: LiquidPiston. LOG IN. Menu HOME. Search Query Submit Search.

Facebook Twitter Flipboard LinkedIn. This tiny engine, compared here to an iPhone, outputs almost 3. View 4 Images.What we have up for bids here is a good usedSachs Wankel KM24 cc rotary engine as shown below. We just bought out a hanger and obtained this engine with many more other engines and projects and this is the tenth engine to go.

This engine was a spare for a customer of ours who was running another KM24 rotary. This engine would be for the guy who is running a KM24 and looking for a spare engine or maybe for the guy who is looking for a Wankel engine for a period correct restoration or rotary engine for another application.

These KM24's are getting harder and harder to find, so if you need or want this engine, dont miss out. Now here is the full specs and whats included with the engine. This is the 23hp cc version. PTO spins counterclockwise as viewed looking directly down on the end of the engine.

It can also be ran in both tractor and pusher applications. Engine is in good overall running and mechanical condition. Engine is ready to bolt up and use on any application. As I noted above these KM24s dont come up often, so if you are currently running one of these engines and want a spare or need a small Wankel engine for another application, dont pass this engine up.

Below we have provided lots of pics of the engine but if you have any questions as far as application, use, mounting, engine plates or need any other specs or such, feel free to email us anytime before the auction ends!.

We ship UPS Ground daily and know how to pack. You can rest assured that your engine will arrive safety and in good condition. If you are looking at other engines, look at there shipping prices and I think you will find ours to be the cheapest anywhere.! If you cannot pay withing 3 days, please contact us before you bid. Also please bid in confidence with our plus positive feedback!! Northern-Power has been with Ebay for over 17 years and has sold over engines, so trust our proven track record!.

Dont be fooled by other vendors who actually copy our ads to sell engines and recreational parts. We are the original and stand by our auctions and engines along with giving you technical support and having any associated needed parts for your build. We try to provide you with all the info and pictures that you need at this time to make your engine purchase easy with providing you with a good product.! We again ask that you please look at all the info we have provided along with all the pics and if you have any questions, email us anytime!

This sneak preview of the Meriva concept to be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show reveals suicide-style rear doors that will be a production certainty for the next-gen Meriva. The mini-MPV will retain its B-pillar so that structural integrity is maintained and so the rear doors can be opened independently of the front ones.

Toyota Motor Sales U. Some light cosmetic and average wear here and there Below I have attached 9 pictures of the engine from every angle to give you a better idea of what you will be getting and condition.

Please review before bidding. All Rights Reserved. Designated trademarks and brands are the property of their respective owners.The small O. Our thanks to Nitto Manufacturing for supplying a copy of the photograph above and the data below. You can place your order including these helicopters.

The engine, a 5 hp air-cooled rotary engine, incorporates advanced materials and technology and has a bespoke fuel injection system. This advance release enables airframe manufacturers to evaluate and package the engine, with a view to production models being available in months time.

Birmingham, UK April 2, -- Cubewano announce the release of the pre production development version of its 5 hp heavy fuel engine.

The engine is a lightweight, fuel injected, 5 hp, air cooled, single rotor internal combustion engine of the Wankel rotary type. After many months in development Cubewano are finally happy with the performance of their 5 hp engine to release it for sale. The engine in many respects advances the technology of the Wankel rotary engine by utilising advanced materials including ceramics and specialist coatings to achieve an extremely lightweight 1.

The engine is designed to use a recirculating oil system and a lightweight ECU, about the size of a matchbox. However, for development purposes, Cubewano have been using a full size ECU and pre mix lubrication. The decision to release the pre-production version is to enable airframe manufacturers to get a head start testing and packaging the Cubewano engine. About: Cubewano, formed indesign and manufacture small, high quality, high power-to-weight ratio internal combustion engines, currently in the 3 to 7 hp range, with multi-fuel capability including Kerosene also known as JP8, JET-A1 and Heavy Fuel.

The company is based in the heart of British engineering in Birmingham, West Midlands. Wankel engine O. Economical fuel consumption. Low cross sectional area. Low levels of vibration. Technical Specifications Single rotor Wankel-type spark ignition engine cc chamber size Peak instantaneous torque is 4 times mean. Electronic contact-less magneto. RFI suppressed HT system.Delivering superior performance, it combines a modern rotary engine with patented SPARCS cooling technology for unrivalled performance and economy.

All AIE engines give you market-leading performance in terms of power, weight, efficiency and reliability. Whatever your application, we specialise in conceptualising and designing products and seeing your project through the prototype, testing and manufacture stages.

You'll benefit from the advice of global experts, patented technology and world class engineering facilities. The 40S is a small and compact engine that delivers a market-leading power to weight ratio. By integrating a modern rotary engine with our revolutionary SPARCS cooling system you benefit from an engine which is reliable, efficient and powerful.

This means that the total cost of ownership is reduced and you get a larger payload capacity and improved endurance. And, because it is such a small engine it's easier to integrate into your application and gives you improved performance through being lighter and more aerodynamic.

You want your engineering partner to offer products of an exceptional standard. Watch our world-class technology in action.

Nice 23hp Sachs-wankel Km24 Rotary Engine Ultralight/hovercraft/airboat/etc on

Click to see our engines undergoing rigorous testing and to watch how they perform under tough conditions. Download Datasheet.We carry Predator engines at discount prices online. We have engine kits that come with a clutch and chain to make your go kart repair complete. No Returns on this product, if you have questions about it, Please call before ordering. Engine will ship with "Adult Signature Required". Engine comes Not AKRA approved.

March 19 we have a container leaving from Tillotson with Engines 30 engines available all goes well engines will be available 1st week of May possibly sooner. After this, next shipment is due in early June, limited number A long block is considered the complete crank case assembled with a complete race ready head bolted to it.

All you need after you buy this long block is a flywheel, coil, exhaust, and carburetor Complete engine for TrailMaster Mini-xrs. This product is not eligible for returns. Specify if you Complete engine with gas tank for Trailmater midxrs with Manual Start. Created with Sketch. Toggle menu Gift Certificate Login or Sign Up 0.

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Game-changing rotary engine muscles a go-kart

Quick view. Out of stock. Choose Options. Pre-Order Now. Add to Cart. Complete engine for TrailMaster Mini X. Compare Selected.Developed coating technology for rotary engines. These coatings significantly improve the fuel consumption while reducing emissions [ Learn More ]. Rotapower generators make exceptional components for microgrids, renewable energy systems, and Compressed Air Energy Storage [ Learn More ].

Reduce range anxiety in electric vehicles with a small, compact Rotapower generator [ Learn More ]. Low weight and high power density makes the Rotapower an ideal aircraft powerplant [ Learn More ]. With over 40 years of research in this technology, Freedom Motors can now produce engines without many of the disadvantages historically attributed to rotary engines.

We here at Freedom Motors realize that the promise of this technology offers considerable advantages over traditional piston engines in many applications, and we welcome the opportunity to prove this to the world.

150cc rotary engine for sale

The Rotapower engine is ideal for converting contaminated biogas into electricity. It's resistance to hydrogen sulfide and siloxane reduces overall operational and maintenance costs in CHP systems. A Rotapower generator can provide dispatchable power for microgirds and renewable energy production.

Using carbon neutral fuels, this is low cost and environmentally friendly alternative to industrial battery systems. Electric vehicle market penetration has been limited by range anxiety of consumers. A Rotapower range extender can overcome this barrier, and because of its small volume and high power density, it will not impact vehicle design constraints. Small personal aircraft can benefit from the high power to weight ratio and small volume, providing far more longevity and safety compared with battery-based propulsion systems.

Improved emissions, small volume and high power make the Rotapower engine a excellent alternative powerplant for personal watercraft. Small engines with low emissions and high performance over competing engines make the Rotapower a ideal powerplant for small 2-wheeled vehicles.

Because of the Rotapower engine's small size and high power density, small portable generators become more practical for widespread use in rural communities worldwide. Energy Industry Rotapower generators make exceptional components for microgrids, renewable energy systems, and Compressed Air Energy Storage [ Learn More ].

Range Extender Reduce range anxiety in electric vehicles with a small, compact Rotapower generator [ Learn More ].

The Differences Between Piston and Rotary Engines

Personal Air Vehicles Low weight and high power density makes the Rotapower an ideal aircraft powerplant [ Learn More ]. Welcome to Freedom Motors. Our passion is to produce the most powerful, flexible, efficient and durable engines to enhance human experience and environmental sustainability. Our Featured Rotapower Applications.Nav Menu 2.

An affordable engine for those of us on a tight budget. Don't have the money all at once use our layaway plan, just call for details. Low down payment pay monthly. Every engine goes through a 5 stage cleaning process. A detailed inspection of every part to ensure only the very best parts are used. Engines are rebuilt with new internal seals, Bearings and gaskets. Final assembly of the engine includes setting all clearances within Mazda tolerances to insure long engine life. After final assembly, each engine is compression checked to ensure quality and standards.

After final assembly the coolant system is pressurized to 30 psi for 30 minutes. Tech support is free with any engine purchase 7 days a week Fixed shipping cost to your region. Product Cost:. Engine porting:. The power increase from porting varies, depending on the other modifications made to the engine, but averages 5 percent.

Low-RPM torque is reduced slightly, but idle is still smooth. Intake porting includes two primary and two secondary ports. The power increase from porting varies, depending on the other modifications made to the engine, but averages 10 percent. The power increase from porting varies, depending on the other modifications made to the engine, but averages 20 percent.

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Exhaust porting includes both exhaust ports turbo housings only. Engine Core Charge:. Engine Option If you are ordering a engine make sure you select this option. The rotating assembly includes both rotors, main pulley, front and rear counterweights, and the eccentric shaft. These gears have had several machining modifications performed, as well as heat-treating of the teeth to improve fatigue resistance and yield strength, includes a three-window bearing and is intended for high power output racing engines.

The clearancing machining process removes material from both sides of the rotor to minimize the likelihood of contact with the side housings in high horsepower, high RPM engines. These MFR rotor bearings are manufactured with a deep groove for additional oil storage and offer an additional. More accurate tensioning of engine. Less chance of bolt breakage. High quality point nuts rated atPSI tensile strength. Studs manufactured from chrome moly, heat treated, centreless ground and black oxided.

150cc rotary engine for sale

Note the standard factory manual flywheel cannot be used with the Stud Kit. Rotor housing deflection reduced - increases apex seal life.

Less material machined from housings and plates than with doweling, reducing the possibility of cracking. High boost engine expansion reduced. Studs are less prone to stretching under high boost applications. Related Items. Stage 2 Rebuilt Rotary Engine. Stage 3 Rebuilt Rotary Engine.