The problem is in the price, which not all users are able to pay. Especially micro companies and professionals in engineering, architecture and graphic design, who work on their own or students and fans of any of these branches of knowledge. Free AutoCAD Alternatives: Who can pay for an AutoCAD license, is making a good investment, because it is a very versatile 2D and 3D modeling and design software, with applications in various industries and ideal for project management.

But why buy an AutoCAD license that is no longer in perpetuity — if you can do the same with other alternative software? The cost of this fabulous tool and the fact that Autodesk is forcing product users to buy a subscription-based license instead of obtaining a full one, has led CAD professionals to search the market for other cheaper alternatives or free as we recommend in this article. For a large company or a professional with years of experience in the design and management of projects, it may seem like a normal cost, but for those who are just starting and do not have a comfortable budget, that price is uphill.

Remember that to execute a 2D or 3D modeling or design project, we also need a good workstationalong with quality accessories such as mice for CAD and 3D modelingapart from powerful software. In addition, there are a good number of CAD software alternatives available in the market. The real challenge then, is to find a free alternative AutoCAD software that is worthwhile, since there are any number of bad imitations that are sold as good in the market.

Fortunately, there are also software available with the same features and versatility of AutoCAD. Below we list the 10 free Autocad alternatives, all with good user feedback so you can choose the one that best suits your work and taste. They are affordable and reliable AutoCAD alternatives, which read the same files as AutoCAD, integrate easily and are also intuitive to learn, as they have similar functions and support infrastructure. We will start with ours, because we consider it the best existing free AutoCAD alternative.

It has the advantage that in addition to 3D modeling, it also allows you to completely create 2D projects, for example, mechanical parts, multiple engineering designs, graphic design in general, civil plants, etc. SolidFace automatically creates parametric references for modeling functions that can be edited in a very simple and interactive way and allows the creation of multiple bodies.

It is an extremely powerful tool that helps in the development of dependent parts of a single part file. Compatible with 3D printing, it is integrated into the cloud and, best of all, it comes with its free version fully downloadable Here.

It is a CAD software known for its characteristic reach, which includes very familiar features, including native. It is very similar to the version of AutoCAD and comes with an interface with certain similarities, in addition to other features ideal for 2D design and 3D direct modeling.

It is compatible with MacOS, Windows and Linux, and several hundreds of third-party applications based on.

However, its document management tool is somewhat difficult to handle version V15 Pro and has a limited scope. For those who are just beginning in the world of modeling, it is an ideal program, which comes with an intuitive user interface and is easily managed by its accessible language.

Make precise revisions, as the design elements are stored in layers. DraftSight is currently available for Windows and in its beta version for other operating systems such as Mac and Ubuntu. It is easily downloadable in a few minutes. It is a free program very easy to use and understand. While it comes with many shortcomings with respect to AutoCAD and other programs, for those who are learning and starting to execute their first designs, it is quite good software.

That is why it is quite popular among users from other areas of the industry, other than architecture, construction, design and drawing although it also covers these fieldssuch as the design of video games and movies.

This has made people totally oblivious to 3D modeling — otherwise they would not — prove their benefits. What SketchUp does, it does quite well.

10 Best AutoCAD Alternatives Software in 2019

It is very useful for the development or improvement of concepts for amateurs or professionals. If you are a student of architecture, civil or mechanical engineering, graphic design or a related career, you can download this version of AutoCAD.AutoCAD has been the standard for engineering and architectural drafting over the past few years.

Autodesk has long been the leader in the field, but what if you want to expand your horizons past AutoCAD and try some other options? We have found what we believe are the seven best alternatives to AutoCAD out there, some are free while some are paid. SketchUp is one of the most widely used 3D modeling programs in the world.

It has a fully functional free version, and the paid version simply adds another layer of depth to the software. SketchUp is a unique 3D modeling program in that you draw shapes and then extrude them by clicking and dragging to distance.

That makes it feel similar to building something in real life, and less in the virtual space. SketchUp is also extremely versatile. You can design anything from a hotel building, a house, all the way down to tiny gears and small mechanical parts. It is great for both architectural and mechanical engineering projects. The biggest difference? LibreCAD is totally free and open source.

It is also available on Windows, Apple, and Linux, meaning you can run it on any computer platform you wish. In addition to the platform choices, LibreCAD also has 30 different language options, allowing users from many different countries to enjoy this software.

LibreCAD may be free, but it has all the tools and features you need to draw and design your next project. It can stand up to the most expensive and respected software on the market, which is quite a feat for a free option. While they both have a long history, they are definitely not exactly the same. SolidWorks is both a 2D and 3D capable software, but has an emphasis more on the 3D aspect.

SolildWorks is not the best program for architectural or structural work, but it excels in the engineering space. Aerospace, automotive, engineering, and design are all areas in which SolidWorks is actually a better option than AutoCAD. Figuring out exactly what you need in a CAD program is going to determine which software is better for you. While you can upgrade to the professional version and get more 3D capabilities, the base version gives you more than enough features. The ability to upgrade to a higher tier and performance package at a later date also gives you a way to move your skills forward in the future if you want.

While it will take those fluent in AutoCAD a little while to get the hang of the different controls in this application, once they know the shortcuts and buttons, everything becomes a breeze. One of the main reasons many people stay away from AutoCAD is the high price point. While it is somewhat justified in the support and feature set of the program, it is simply too high of an entry point for many. That is where nanoCAD comes in. This software is just a fraction of the price of AutoCAD, and has many amazing features.

Here, you get a fully functional CAD program complete with timely updates and new features. The tools included in this program are intuitive and easy to use, and the ability to import industry standard files is a great addition. No matter what type of application you use, engineering or architectural, nanoCAD is worth your time.

This program will never cost you anything, and it can handle even the most complex CAD drawings. This software actually comes with the added benefit of being able to use the models for 3D printing. If you just need to fix something around the house, you can model it in SolveSpace and print it right on your 3D printer. It can also be used for architectural purposes as well. AutoCAD is a great program, but it does have some downsides. The seven programs listed above are all viable AutoCAD alternatives and most of them are free.Without some kind of software, learning how to create 3D objects is impossible.

For cash-strapped students in need of a program to help them learn the ropes, here are ten free alternatives to AutoCAD. It is also open source, making it a software program at the forefront of development and technology. FreeCAD is best for freelance engineers seeking to create new products or architecture. The best feature of this product is the fact that it can be easily modified and expanded using the Python language. Users love it because it is very easy to learn, and complete beginners are often able to make a useful 3D model within just a week of studying the program.

Users also love that despite being a free program, FreeCAD does not hold back on features, giving 3D modeling freelancers almost every feature they could hope for without hiding them behind a paywall.

There are relatively few drawbacks to this product, but the complaints mentioned by users include difficulty in texturing and slow support. The customer support is, of course, understandable since it is a free program, and the people assisting you are other users when they have time, rather than a paid employee, but the texturing issue is something to keep in mind if you need it for your designs. This simple design program is open source and can be used for both 2D and 3D computer-aided design.

SolveSpace has many features useful to those who work with CAD. It can handle extrudes and revolves, and is also exportable. Most importantly, it can add in holes. You can specify the size of the holes, make sure they are level with each other on parts that require them and move them apart. This feature is critical for those using 3D printers to build pieces that need to be put together and is always a useful addition to any software. SolveSpace is a relatively simple program.

Its simplicity is one of its key features but also a slight drawback. The interface looks very dated and can be off-putting for those who are used to more advanced design. This includes the ability to chamfer and fillet. All in all, SolveSpace is a good program that can get you through.

This feature alone sets it apart from other software, which tends to be limited to one or at most two different types of operating systems. LibreCAD can be saved to a variety of different file types, which is essential for sharing the data with team members and customers.

LibreCAD has some tools that make it useful for 2D design, including basic tools such as lines and circles, as well as the ability to create layers for easy fixes to your model. LibreCAD is also open source, making it highly adaptable to individual needs. To top it all off, LibreCAD is a lightweight program that takes up very little space on your computer, leading to fast loading times and a program that runs well even on older programs.

This program is specifically designed for industrial designers and has a rich community striving to make the program better with add-ons, extra features, and in multiple languages. You can also receive help from the community in those languages, making it one of the best global 2D CAD programs available. SketchUp is a Google program geared toward 3D modeling. SketchUp Free is their core program and has a lot of features. When you open the program in your browser, you are automatically using the most up to date program available.

This is especially useful for beginners who may not know how to use any kind of CAD software. SketchUp Free can handle both 2D and 3D art and is highly flexible in how you want to use it. The palettes can be taken down and put up in different arrangements, so whatever tools you use the most are constantly available at the front. It also allows a lot more than many other free programs. You can create animations, lighting effects, and even textures. SketchUp Free is an excellent choice for 2D and 3D modeling, especially for those who are practicing for a career in animation, since very few free programs can do texturing or animation as SketchUp Free can.AutoCAD is a flagship product of Autodesk, designed to help users design products or buildings, plan production, construction, as well as civil infrastructure.

This beautiful, three-dimensional design software is fully featured, but costs much more than other programs with similar features.

autocad alternative

Sincewhen AutoCAD was officially launched, the ownership of many features and especially the flexibility to use in a number of industries has made it a specialized product for professionals. However, Autodesk no longer offers a perpetual license for AutoCAD, but instead switches to licensing based on an alternative subscription, forcing users to search for alternatives. In the long run, the conversion may be more expensive. If you are just a normal student or someone who loves designing with a limited budget, AutoCAD is not the only option.

There are a number of replacement candidates that are worthy of similar support features. The bottom line here is deciding which AutoCAD alternative to choose, as the market is flooded with a multitude of different options. For a long time, AutoCAD has supported 3D modeling very well, but its greatest strength is its architectural design and 2D design software. Solidworks, as its name suggests, is a parametric solid modeling tool, focused primarily around 3D designs.

That means you will need to have some knowledge of technical terms, instead of just geometric terms. The latest version of SolidWorks has great features like the ability to make free sketches on the touch screen. This CAD platform is known for accessibility features and has some familiar features including native.

You can use it with major operating systems like macOS, Windows and Linux, along with hundreds of third-party applications around the world, based on. DraftSight is a professional-grade alternative to AutoCAD, designed for users who are looking for better ways to read, write and share. Open 2D CAD software is easy to use and based on advanced architecture, with all the tools you need to create 2D engineering drawings.

autocad alternative

From professional CAD users to educators and students, DraftSight is available for free download and activation in minutes. Through the clear user interface, making DraftSight easy to use and learn, you can edit precisely because the design elements are stored in layers.

Autodesk AutoCAD Alternatives

DraftSight also has a huge design library so you can use existing designs, batch print and access macro recording. However, DraftSight is only available for a paid version, so if you have a limited budget, you can choose the cheapest option in its packages. This is very suitable for students or design hobbyists. For businesses, DraftSight offers three packages: Professional, Premium and Enterprisewith prices varying according to demand.

SketchUp is a 3D modeling program used in a variety of applications, from interior design; architecture, civil and mechanical engineering; video games and movie design. This is another free replacement program that you can use, with many features and commands, suitable for a large number of customers, as well as designers.

LibreCAD can also be used with Windows or Apple platforms, based on Qt, a leading cross-platform application and user interface development framework. Are there any other great AutoCAD alternatives you are using?

Let everyone know why you like them in the comments below! Autodesk has just released a software solution designed for AutoCAD Improvements of AutoCAD help customers connect workflows through integrated desktop solutions, cloud computing and mobile devices. AutoCAD interface provides a richer user experience.

5 best AutoCAD alternatives

A better, more modern interface, reduced eye impact and for outstanding colors. The New Tab feature allows users to quickly open new Home Application. What is the best AutoCAD alternative? SolidWorks 2. BricsCAD 3. DraftSight 4. SketchUp Free 5.AutoCAD is one of the best in its designing category out there for designing, architecture and engineering purposes.

Also, it is essential that we keep ourselves updated with AutoCAD alternatives as we never know when we might need them:. Official Website.

As the name suggests it is a free CAD software, i. It was mainly invented by mechanical engineers, but with time it was modified, and it is now used in several fields of architecture. It is famous for providing users with the easiest ways to draw in 3D. It is not at all complex, and it is straightforward to use and therefore prevents the users from the headache of learning complex methods to draw in 3D in AutoCAD.

This CAD software also comes in different versions for different users and comes with the advantage of the free trial version in the beginning. This fantastic CAD software is not for the small players but the big ones, i. It is even more elaborate than AutoCAD. Being a little premium, it is worth paying for as it is even better than AutoCAD and is in fact, one of the best AutoCAD alternatives with more and better features.

This CAD software is a good looking one with sleek and delicate drafting features which makes the entire work smooth and easy as compared to other AutoCAD alternatives. It perfectly and seamlessly fits in all the mobile and PC devices and it supports a flat display to show all the designs. It comes in two languages namely, English and Russian and it is supported by the Windows system.

It helps to open, create, edit and share designs in DWG format. It can be used for both personal and business purposes. It is pretty popular among the Mac users and is a bit expensive as it comes with a wide variety of features. This CAD software is straightforward and sophisticated for creating 2D design models. It serves both personal and business purposes. It also comes with two different versions. While the firm version is more complicated and needs to be paid for the personal one which can be used by students.

The name serves it right as it is utilized for both commercial and private reasons. It has got all the features that are there in AutoCAD and then some. It is available for Windows system and is available in the English language. Files in 2D and 3D can be imported using unique formats as well. Even provides elevation to residential designs and provides with the option for drawing construction designs, etc.

It also offers an excellent 3D visualization of the drawings, interior home designs, and sports smart architectural objects like doors, windows, stairs, roof styles, etc.

Also, offers an excellent 3D visualization of the drawings, interior home designs, and sports smart architectural objects like doors, windows, stairs, roof styles, etc. These apps can be used for making designing, architecture designing as well as engineering arts. So, if you want to make designing, architecture and engineering work for your friends or family, you can use any of the apps mentioned above. It is free, reliable and easy to use.

Flat Roofs in Revit Tutorial

Also, one more thing if you search for best PayPal alternatives for money transactions with your client as work fees. Check our alternatives category for other applications alternatives.

I do agree with all the ideas you have offered in your post. They are really convincing and will certainly work.Published Oct. Autodesk is a juggernaut in the industrial drafting solutions market. And its products are the go-to tools for many types of professionals, including product designers, architects, and instrumentation engineers. Read on to learn about the key capabilities and pricing of the top four AutoCAD alternatives for construction businesses. Products are listed in alphabetical order.

To make the list, products had to meet the following criteria:. FreeCAD comes with capabilities such as 3D parametric modeling, robot simulation, 2D drawing and sketching, and a rendering module for creating high-quality 3D images. The tool is suitable for a wide range of uses in manufacturing and engineering industries.

However, construction businesses can also use it to create floor plans or to design 3D building models. SketchUp helps users draw 2D construction plans as well as 3D models of buildings.

The tool comes with extensive design features that allow for creating 2D drawings and 3D models. The tool also supports document management with version control for building a repository of up-to-date designs. As its name suggests, the tool is designed to help architects; it allows building 3D construction site models, drawing site blueprints, and designing digital walk-through presentations.

Designing stairs in Vectorworks Source. What do you use? If you use AutoCAD, why do you prefer it? Let us know in the comments below! To expand your search, compare other CAD software on Capterra. Note: Listed pros and cons are derived from features listed on the product website and product user reviews on Gartner Digital Markets domains Capterra, GetApp, and Software Advice. They do not represent the views of, nor constitute an endorsement by, Capterra or its affiliates.

Looking for Construction Management software? Check out Capterra's list of the best Construction Management software solutions. Tags: architecture software autocad alternatives autodesk alternatives cad design software cad engineering software cad programs cheap alternatives to autocad construction management construction management software construction software engineering software.

He writes technology research reports centered around small business project management. Comment by Jorge Santos on Oct. Plus now it also support BIM Revit files import. Great guys there, always helpful to assist me. Comment by Athira on Sep. Thanks for sharing this Very Good Information to me. Comment by Robert Bou on Apr. That said, Graphite is not for everyone, just for those that are more concerned with production speed rather than command by command compatibility with AutoCAD.

When choosing a CAD system, find one that speaks to your soul and allows your ideas and perspiration to make their mark in your life and in the lives of others.A popular tool like Autodesk AutoCAD can have beneficial functionalities but nonetheless not fit into your commercial expectations.

autocad alternative

To get optimal Autodesk AutoCAD alternatives, compare the components of different services created by competitors that we listed below. What is more, you can compare them with each other to make sure you get the best deal. If you devote some of your time to examining other Autodesk AutoCAD alternatives you will surely find other programs with similar or possibly higher ratings.

A leading product design software built in a collaborative 3D environment which enables manufacturing organizations in a variety of industries to design, simulate, analyze, and develop products. SolidWorks Premium is a computer-aided design software that allows users to create, simulate, publish, and manage 3D models. Autodesk AutoCAD is a solid product that our experts evaluated with a 9. However, you may want to consider other CAD Software products that got even better scores and satisfaction ratings.

It can in some cases be a real challenge to get a reliable CAD Software service that will not only match your requirements but will also include your budget limits. If you examine different alternatives to Autodesk AutoCAD you should pay attention not only to offered tools but also to a variety of factors such as pricing, level of client support, supported mobile devices and offered integrations. With decent knowledge you should be able to find a software that will include all the variables you want at an inexpensive cost.

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