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Top 8 Supernatural Improvised Scenes

Does she like him? But what happens when she finds herself falling for this other handsome stranger she's just met? Ever since Castiel lost his grace Dean has tried many things to help him deal with the burden of being human.

Sam watches unnoticed as his brother looks after Castiel and tries to deny the jealousy he feels until one day it bubbles to the surface and Dean is let dealing with an upset Little boy and little brother. This was for my square for First Time Together for star-spangled bingo. Sam pauses. Opens his mouth.

Then closes it again. And increasing my functionality. If he could spare an innocent child the terror he had gone through as a kid then the misery in his life just became a little smaller and less choking. No child deserved that fear, no one did, but especially not children whose imagination just made it all worse still. Castiel shows up late to first day of club, mostly on purpose.

But there's no one there. He doesn't know what the club's about either, because he's only there because he didn't outgrow his highschool 'mom forced me to join this' phase, and unfortunately, the only other person present for that club- an incredibly good-looking tall guy named Sam who's slightly drunk and laughs at his jokes and makes him blush - doesn't know what they're there for either.

The reader has to go out of town for a few days, and asks their boyfriend Sam to watch their two cats. Castiel worries about Sam and Dean; especially the love of his immortal life, Sam. Just fluff with little plot. I haven't written in so long, but apparently, exam season is where it's at. You try to focus on studying for an upcoming exam, but Sam takes a bit too much pleasure in your suffering.

Requested: "Could you do a Sam or Dean X reader where the reader is really awkward and bad with words.Now, it is his time to continue the tradition with your kids. Pairing : Alpha! Dean x Omega! Uterus Owner! Lots of fluff. Proofread by the lovely joannie95 Created fr spnkinkbingo spnfluffbingo spngenrebingo.

WC: 1. Friends to lovers. Young Alphas running around and stinking. Lots and lots of fluff. Square s Filled: Coffee Shop AU spnfluffbingoCoffee Shop AU spndeanbingo Summary: Dean always swears this coffee shop is his favourite because of the coffee itself, but maybe — just maybe — it has to do with more than that.

Pairing: Dean x Barista! Sam is kinda tired of his brother beating around the bush and not telling you about his crush. Proofread by the lovely onebatch—twobatch. Dean was expecting very low of that night, maybe some drinks and some girls dressing cancan dancers, but meeting you?

Probably not. Pairing: Kind of Dean x Female! Summary: You and Dean prepare for a night of fun, but your plans change when one of your kids demands attention. Pairing: Dean Winchester x F! Posted on Wednesday, 30 January Posted by welldonebeca.

john winchester x reader fluff

Or: Dean Winchester may not fall in love often or easily, but when he does, he loves with everything he has. Reader laughs when nervous, Drabble. Because I scraped my knee falling for you.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. We have new magnet and pin thank-you gifts for those who are able to make a donation! You are a vampire that had been recruited by a group of hunters working for the not yet named Shield. For years you were a hunter, killing your own kind for your own protection as well as protecting the innocent lives around you.

When WWII hit nearly 20 years after your recruitment you were itching to get onto the battlefield, but you had a much more important job. You needed to train Captain America himself, in between meet and greets of course. You fell in love with him in the process, not realizing it even possible to feel anymore after nearly being dead for 40 years.

But was winning the war really worth the cost that you felt in losing the first Avenger? Even after you meet a young Sam Winchester who made you feel as alive as he had made you feel? A collection of imagines starring Jeffrey Dean Morgan's characters from my Tumblr blog imaginejdmcharacters.

Imagines are listed in the order they were posted on Tumblr. BED, as Dean had so proudly called it while Sam hung his head in shame. John wants in. And more than he expected. Your relationship with Dean Winchester is going perfectly until a ghost from both your pasts shows up and threatens everything. You come into the second semester of your senior year of highschool and your teacher is none other than John Winchester.

You try to contain yourself but soon realize that you and him cant stay away. Things get more complicated once you add in his boys which also happen to work around the school. You can find this on my wattpad as Well which is also Captain, I have other x readers on there so if you wanna you can read from there, that's my main x reader posting place.

Anyway enjoy these bunch of imagines, oneshots, preferences and things xD. Dating apps were never your thing, especially the one that you had met Mr. John Winchester on. A rich, older, successful business man wanted your company in return for money. But, the relationship changed in ways neither one of you thought would happen. Reader was a little about 3 before she met Dean, but became afraid to tell him after moving in with him.

Dean finds a pacifier under her pillow one day. After spilling the beans they begin a new chapter of their relationship. The king of the realm has chosen you as his new Queen. You have no interest in the title but no one denies the king. You try to make the best of it but nothing prepares for your wedding night. The man she never thought she would team up with her yet here they were.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. We have new magnet and pin thank-you gifts for those who are able to make a donation! Just when you thought you were about to die in a apartment building fire, a heroic fireman comes and sweeps you to safety. After some time has passed you finally find the man that saved you, now to try showing him how thankful you are Sequel to If I Had Known, it's kind of sad for a while then it gets heated and I don't want to give so much away.

Please give it a chance! He dropped to kneel in front of you, yellow eyes traveling over your face and body. He inhaled deeply and groaned loudly. You whimpered, unable to move too far or speak. Dean struggled, trying to get away from the wall, but the demon ignored him for another minute.

He was never gonna give you his mark. You hadn't seen the boys since Chicago, had been dodging their calls and texts just as long. You can handle my sons," he said, looking over at you. John followed them when they left the cabin and headed to the post office in town and then off to an alleyway a couple blocks away.

Might be for me. You gonna stay in the truck or face this head on? You sighed and climbed out of the truck. John walked up to the driver's side door and knocked on the window and you watched Dean jump.

john winchester x reader fluff

You got in the back of the Impala as John got in through the other back door. I think it could work just fine. This is the Slinky all over again. I was eleven years old. Dean sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose. The morning air is brisk; why did I ever have to wake up, all the images passing threw my head. Why did I go on that hunt alone? John apologizes for fucking up. You steeled yourself for the interaction, wondering if Dean had kept his promise to keep what happened between you and John a secret from Sam.

Dean avoided looking at you as he followed his brother. He smelled better than you could ever have imagined. Your words stuck in your throat for a minute as your cheeks heated up. He looked from John to you and back. You are forty-five, not fifteen!While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. We have new magnet and pin thank-you gifts for those who are able to make a donation! After the death of Mary Winchester, herself and the brothers are thrown into the dangerous world of hunting evil.

Who knew a small search and rescue mission would turn into so much more John's back and trying to make up for abandoning his omega. But all that matters is stopping the raising of Samhain. He had his arms wrapped around you, body pulled tight against his as you waited for his knot to go down.

You bit your lip and sniffled.

Probably just because I know he went through Hell, too, ya know? How long can this realistically affect me? Basically, this is a book full of smut and non-smut. Detailed chapters might I add.

You've been a hunter for a while, working with Dean and Sam. You've even been staying in the bunker for the past year or so. Dean and Sam have told you stories about John. But, now he's back, somehow. And you've been working with him. But, the tension is driving you crazy! This is a collection of imagines [from my blog on tumblr - thranduilsperkybutt] involving the Supernatural characters! Only NSFW fic is in this collection, so enjoy! Any additional warnings will be posted in each chapter's Notes.

Cause I need some John in my life. Set before the boys raid the vampire nest to get the colt, John visits you to get insight on which vamps have it. How will he react around you while his sons meet you for the first time? Only SFW fic is in this collection, so enjoy! Ok, so I just got into writing a little bit and would like some fresh ideas. See the fandoms above and comment a request to fit one.

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john winchester x reader fluff

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john winchester x reader fluff

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